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Project Project Number City State Bid Due Date Estimated Cost
Project Name: Alta Mira Reservoir Rehabilitation Project
Description: The Work involves furnishing all labor, equipment and materials necessary to install interior ladder, auxiliary vent, rafter repairs, modify inlet and outlet piping and lateral bracing modifications, install cathodic protection system and telemetry equipment, interior coating removal, recoating, and exterior painting of the existing 86 feet diamete...
17-027 Poway CA BID CLOSED
4:00 PM
Project Name: Council Chambers AV Renovation Project
Description: This project includes installing a complete audio visual system for the City of Poway Council Chambers including all conduit, connectors, adapters, matching devices and equipment needed for a complete system. The Contractor shall be responsible for all audio and video DSP programming required for this project.
Bid No. 18-001 Poway CA BID CLOSED
4:00 PM
Project Name: 2017-2018 Citywide Striping Project
Description: This contract includes replacement of traffic striping, thermoplastic legends and markings and refreshing of painted curbs within street maintenance Zone 8, and refreshing of existing striping and painted curbs in Zones 2, 4 and 6. The length of this contract is for one (1) year, and the work shall be coordinated with the City's Street Maintenance...
17-026 Poway CA BID CLOSED
4:00 PM
Project Name: 2017-2018 Street Maintenance Project
Description: The 2017-2018 Street Maintenance Project is part of the City's Annual Pavement Maintenance Program. Streets are located within geographic zones that encompass residential streets, business collectors, and arterial streets. This project includes raising survey monuments, water valve cans and sewer manhole lids to grade.
17-025 Poway CA BID CLOSED
4:00 PM
Project Name: PCPA Boiler and Cooling Tower Replacement Project
Description: The scope of this project includes the removal of an existing cooling tower and boiler at the PCPA, construction of seismic upgrades to the foundation and installation of a new City furnished cooling tower and boiler. This project is in a facility that will be inspected and certified by the Department of State Architect (DSA).
17-022 Poway CA BID CLOSED
4:00 PM
Project Name: CITY FACILITIES PAINTING 2017/2018
Description: Sealed bids will be received at the Customer Services Counter, City of Poway City Hall, 13325 Civic Center Drive, Poway, CA 92064 until 2 pm on May 24, 2017, at which time they will be publicly opened by a City representative and read. They shall be submitted in sealed envelopes marked on the outside with the project title: CITY OF POWAY CITY FACIL...
2:00 PM
$125,000 to $130,000