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Project Project Number City State Bid Due Date Estimated Cost
Project Name: 2014 Street Resurfacing Project - City Project No. 2014-01
Description: The project consists of preparatory street
cleaning, tree trimming, root pruning,
asphalt concrete pavement and base repairs,
pavement grinding, removal of existing
traffic striping and markers, replacement of
damaged curb, gutter and sidewalk,
installation of new concrete ADA sidewalk
ramps, installation of ADA ramp truncated
2014-01 Livermore CA BID CLOSED
2:30 PM
Project Name: 2013-2015 Sidewalk Repair Program, CIP 2014-02
Description: The project consists of furnishing all labor, materials and incidentals to grind or remove and replace assigned sidewalk, driveways, valley gutter, curb, standard curb and gutter, install new and reused utility boxes, install reinforcing bars, patch pave, install root barrier, remove stumps and hazardous trees, plant new trees, and prune existing t...
1060314-0100 Livermore CA BID CLOSED
2:30 PM
Project Name: 2014 STP Arterial Street Rehabilitation
Description: **Plans and specs are $40 and $50 if mailed** The Work comprises the construction of the rehabilitation and resurfacing of various asphalt concrete streets within the City of Livermore for the 2014 Arterial Street Rehabilitation Project. The project consists, in general, of pavement grinding, repairs, and reconstruction of asphalt concrete pavemen...
2014-17 Livermore CA BID CLOSED
2:30 PM
Project Name: WRP Aeration Basin No. 1 Improvements
Description: The Work in part consists of making the following improvements to Aeration Basin No. 1: install owner supplied mixers and slide gate; construct baffle walls; replace spray lines, wash lines, weir, and aeration diffuser assemblies; and associated electrical work
2011-11 Livermore CA BID CLOSED
2:30 PM