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Project Project Number City State Bid Due Date Estimated Cost
Project Name: WRP Rehabilitation and Process Improvements Project Phase I
Description: Construction of the following major elements at the Livermore Water Reclamation Plant.
Replacement of the grit collection system including two grit classifiers, grit bin, and CMU grit bin enclosure.
Replacement of the in-line polymer mixer at the feed line to the tertiary filters.
Replacement of the four sodium hypochlorite storage tanks w...
CIP 2012-13 Livermore CA BID CLOSED
2:30 PM
$1,900,000 to $2,100,000
Project Name: Rehabilitate Runway 7R-25L, AIP No. 03-06-0123-25
Description: **plans and specs are $120 if mailed** The project consists of the Base Bid, Additive Alternative No. 1, and Additive Alternative No. 2. The Base Bid includes: pulverizing the existing asphaltic concrete pavement on Runway 7R-25L and blending with 5-inches of existing aggregate base course; the furnishing and placement of a new pavement section f...
2013-13 Livermore CA BID CLOSED
2:30 PM
$2,631,000 to $2,631,000