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Project Project Number City State Bid Due Date Estimated Cost
Project Name: Water Reclamation Plant Electrical Improvements
Description: Replace the transformers and 480 volt switchgear at the Water Reclamation Plant and run new cables and ductbanks between the new switchgear and existing motor control centers.
2008-48 Livermore CA BID CLOSED
2:30 PM
$4,400,000 to $4,800,000
Project Name: Annual Crosswalk and Safety Improvement Project 2014-06
Description: The Work comprises the removal and replacement of existing IRWL with Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons, and installation of Vehicle Speed Feedback Signs in the City of Livermore
925.960.4517 Livermore CA BID CLOSED
2:30 PM
$65,000 to $75,000
Project Name: 2015 Slurry Seal
Description: The project consists of preparatory street cleaning, tree trimming, root pruning, asphalt concrete pavement repairs, installation of ADA ramp truncated domes, minor concrete work, crack sealing, removal of existing traffic striping and markers, application of micro-surfacing and slurry seal treatments, adjustment to grade of utility boxes (water v...
2015-04 Livermore CA BID CLOSED
2:30 PM
$1,065,000 to $1,065,000
Project Name: ADA Access Ramps (2015-2016)
Description: The project consists of furnishing all labor, materials and incidentals for the construction of new access ramps with truncated dome panels. The work comprises the removal and replacement of existing sidewalks, curb & gutter, AC pavement, and valley gutters on various streets throughout the City of Livermore; including striping at one location.
2014-07 Livermore CA BID CLOSED
2:30 PM
$110,000 to $110,000