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Project Project Number City State Bid Due Date Estimated Cost
Project Name: Jim Stone Pool Renovation Project
Description: This contract allows Eighty (80) Working Days for completion of all work

Work is comprised of many different types and trades of general engineering work, including but not limited to pool site preparation/mobilization/demolition, new fencing, remove and replacement of; decking, plaster, tiles, rails, and fittings, repair of rust areas and iden...
1112316-0069 Escondido CA BID CLOSED
2:00 PM
$800,000 to $800,000
Project Name: Water Treatment Plant Metal Storage Building Project
Description: Construction of a new metal storage building (60 x 80, shell only, no utilities) including grading for the foundation and drainage, concrete foundation with associated ramp / retaining wall, and construction of metal building on foundation, for the Escondido-Vista Water Treatment Plant in the City of Escondido, California.
1120116-0062 Escondido CA BID CLOSED
2:00 PM
$315,000 to $315,000
Project Name: HVAC Maintenance
Description: The work consists generally of maintenance of HVAC equipment for multiple facilities within the City of Escondido. This work includes filter replacement, lubrication, belt adjustment and replacement, and cleaning. This will be a 1.5-year agreement.
1092116-0076 Escondido CA BID CLOSED
5:00 PM
Project Name: Fire Station #2 ROOF
Description: The work performed under this Contract shall include the furnishing of all labor, new materials, disposal/recycling, and equipment necessary to perform repairs and replacement of roof membrane sections per specifications. Please note this is a Johns Manville roofing system and contractor must be a JM certified installer.
1100416-0052 Escondido CA BID CLOSED
5:00 PM