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Project Project Number City State Bid Due Date Estimated Cost
Project Name: Yolanda Court Outfall Structure Repair
Description: Replacement of fifty feet of failed
thirty-six-inch CSP storm drain line
between two existing inlet structures with
thirty-six-inch FPVC pipe located within
East Bay Regional Parks District's Shadow
Cliffs Recreational Area immediately
adjacent to Old Vineyard Avenue and
Yolanda Court. Work shall include the
removal of the existing ...
17434 Pleasanton CA BID CLOSED
10:00 AM
$200,000 to $200,000
Project Name: Annual Street Resurfacing & Preventative Maintenance & Old Vineyard Avenue Trail Phase 1
Description: There are two projects combined under this
bid. The first project is Annual Street
Resurfacing and Preventative Maintenance,
Project No. 15503. The second project is
Old Vineyard Avenue Trail- Phase I,
Project No. 13544.

1) Street Resurfacing and Preventative
Maintenance, Project No. 15503

This work will consist of the following: ...
15503 & 13544 Pleasanton CA BID CLOSED
10:00 AM
$5,370,000 to $5,370,000