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Project Project Number City State Bid Due Date Estimated Cost
Project Name: Oceanside Municipal Airport Fence Project
Description: Scope of Work: Construction of perimeter fence for the Oceanside Airport.

Location of Work: Oceanside Municipal Airport, 480 Airport Road, Oceanside, CA 92054.

Copies of the Plans, Special Provisions, and other Contract Documents are available from BELL BLUE REPROGRAPHICS, 3740 Oceanic Way, Suite 305, Oceanside, California 92056, (760) 433-...
822136900274 Oceanside CA BID CLOSED
10:00 AM
$400,000 to $400,000
Project Name: Mission Basin Groundwater Purification Facility Iron and Manganese System Upgrades
Description: 1. Perform a visual inspection prior to media excavation of two (2) horizontal pressure vessels (35 ft in length, 8 ft diameter). Each vessel has three (3) cells each.
2. Take depth measurements and sieve analysis of current media to determine how exhausted the current media is.
3. Excavate both vessels completely of all support gravel and media...
908125600712 Oceanside CA BID CLOSED
10:00 AM
$100,000 to $150,000
Project Name: Vista Oceana and Vista Bella Sewer Replacement
Description: 1. Construct approximately 69 LF with new 8-inch DR 25 PVC pipe.
2. Construct approximately 133 LF with new 8-inch HDPE DR 17 ppe via Horizontal DIrectional Drilling (HDD).
3. Sewer Bypass Pumping.
4. Two (2) new 4-ft manholes.
5. Abandon 2 existing manholes and associated sewer pipelines following installation of new piping and manholes.
909140700722 Oceanside CA BID CLOSED
10:00 AM
$70,000 to $75,000
Project Name: Industry Street and Oceanside Boulevard Street Restoration
Description: **5/27/15 Please see addendum No. 1, it includes a change in the bid time and 5 PDF files.
*Scope of Work: Street restoration of Industry Street from Oceanside Boulevard to approximately 560 feet west of El Camino Real and Oceanside Boulevard from Ord Way to the easterly city limit using Full Depth Reclamation and Cold In-place Recycling methods...
902754200212 Oceanside CA BID CLOSED
2:30 PM
$2,420,000 to $2,420,000
Project Name: Annual Overlay FY 2014-2015
Description: *Scope of Work: Overlay various streets throughout the City with asphalt concrete pavement. Included on all streets: adjustment of valve cans and manholes, replacement of striping and pavement marking, and traffic control.
*Location of Work: Various streets throughout the City.
*Copies of the Plans, Special Provisions, and other Contract Documen...
902754200212 Oceanside CA BID CLOSED
11:00 AM
$3,200,000 to $3,200,000