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Project Project Number City State Bid Due Date Estimated Cost
Description: The work will include roadway excavation, pavement repair, Type II microsurfacing, removal and replacement of B2 curb and gutter, construction of a bicyclist cut through path, removal and replacement of traffic stripes, pavement markings, pavement markers, speed reduction marking, green bike treatment, flashing beacons, street lighting.
1050917-0151 Palo Allto CA 07/27/17
2:00 PM
Project Name: Capitol Expressway ITS Infrastructure and Sidewalks Project
Description: Work includes traffic signal modifications, installation of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) infrastructure including conduit under expressway, fiber optic communications, video cameras, stop bar detection, median and curb ramp replacements/modifications, "pork-chop" island removal and curb return modifications, traffic striping, storm drain...
1060517-0098 San Jose CA 07/20/17
2:00 PM
$4,500,000 to $6,000,000
Project Name: Bicycle and Highway Safety Improvements on Stevens Canyon Road
Description: Construct new HMA curb and pavement, metal beam guard rail, RCP drainage, including roadway striping, signing, and pavement markers.
HSIPL-5937(188) Cupertino CA 07/13/17
2:00 PM
$400,000 to $900,000
Project Name: Environmental Mitigation for Bridge Nos. 37C0574 & 37C0575 (New Bridge Nos. 37C0604 & 37C0605) Federal Project Nos. BRLO-5937(208 &209)
Description: The work consists of mitigation work includes installation of ESA, project signs, restoration of the project site, approx. 0.69 acre of native vegetation planting, and temporary irrigation system, broadcast seeds, planting on rock slope protection, manual French Broom removal, and all other items or details not mentioned above are required by the P...
1032017-0060 Cupertino CA 07/06/17
2:00 PM
$185,000 to $225,000