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Project Project Number City State Bid Due Date Estimated Cost
Project Name: Perform Repairs/Replacement to Water Wells DPW-13015, SATCOM, Camp Roberts, California
Description: The work in general includes, but is not limited to, refurbishing the existing Well No. 2, replacing the existing Well No. 1, and completing site work to improve the piping and valve systems. Well No. 2 is a 510 deep well installed in 1997. Refurbishing well No.2 includes dismantling the well building and surrounding fence, pulling the well pump a...
1120514-0053 Monterey CA 02/17/15
2:00 PM
Project Name: Archer Sidewalk Repairs and ADA Upgrades
Description: In general, the work consists of demolition, earthwork, and construction of cement stabilized decomposed granite sidewalk, concrete sidewalk, ADA curb ramps, curb and gutter, and type A1 curb. Also included is the installation of catch basins, storm drain manhole and relocation of sign and sign post.
1011315-0083 Monterey CA 01/27/15
2:00 PM