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Project Project Number City State Bid Due Date Estimated Cost
Project Name: RD17-03 Santa Ana Road Pavement Widening and Bike Lanes - Phase II
Description: Culvert extension, headwall relocation, straight wingwall, bulkhead wall, catch basin, reinforced concrete box, shoring and bracing, rock slope protection, roadway preparation, asphalt concrete paving, AC miscellaneous paving, micro-milling, fog sealing, PMB shoulder backing, pavement delineation and striping, AC curb, Midwest guardrail system with...
RD17-03 Proj#50543 Casitas Springs near Ventura CA 07/11/17
2:00 PM
$980,000 to $980,000
Project Name: RD17-10 Las Posas Bike Lanes - Phase II
Description: Addendum No. 1 issued 6-21-17
Pavement widening and pavement rejuvenation to accommodate Class II Bike Lanes including Mobilization, Traffic Control & Construction Signing, Water Pollution Control, Unclassified Excavation, Unclassified Fill, Pavement Widening, Shoulder Backing, Roadway Preparation, Type II Slurry, Pavement Delineation, Striping & ...
RD17-10 Proj#50551 Oxnard CA 06/27/17
2:00 PM
$550,000 to $550,000