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Project Project Number City State Bid Due Date Estimated Cost
Project Name: SINSHEIMER PARK PLAYGROUND RENOVATION, Specification No. 90650
Description: In general the project includes a complete renovation of the existing Sinsheimer Park playground area. The project involves removing and disposing of play equipment, foundations, sand, concrete flatwork and curbs, asphalt walks, trees and landscaping, rubberized surfacing and concrete bases, embankments, grading and compacting, installation of cit...
90650 San Luis Obispo CA 07/21/16
2:00 PM
$529,700 to $529,700
Project Name: CMP REPLACEMENTS 2015 Specification No. 91268
Description: In general, the project consists of the removal or abandonment of existing storm drain facilities and installing new storm drain pipes, manholes and catch basins. Additionally, a new cross gutter and ADA compliant sidewalk ramp will be constructed.

**Printed plans and specifications costs are $35 if mailed and $25 if picked-up.
91268 San Luis Obispo CA 07/20/16
2:00 PM
$244,100 to $244,100
Project Name: MEADOW PARK LIGHTING REPLACEMENT Specification No. 91323
Description: In general the project is the replacement of existing pathway lighting fixtures and poles; pole replacement of existing court lights; and all existing lighting system wiring and grounding.

Printed plans and specifications are $20 if picked up and $30 if mailed.
91323 San Luis Obispo CA 07/14/16
2:00 PM
$53,000 to $53,000