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Project Project Number City State Bid Due Date Estimated Cost
Project Name: Annual Maintenance Program for Graffiti Removal, Steam Cleaning, Painting and Sealing Services
Description: Work shall consist of complete removal of all graffiti, feathering out the area to hid impressions of the specific removal which shall include, but not be limited to, brick, cinder block, concrete sidewalks, concrete walls and partitions, painted interior and exterior surfaces, and decorative pavement. In addition, graffiti must also be removed fro...
1072115-0034 Mission Viejo CA 08/11/15
9:00 AM
$1 to $100,000
Project Name: Residential Resurfacing: Slurry Seal
Description: This project requires various streets to be
crack sealed and slurry sealed using a Type 2
Tire Rubber Modified Slurry Seal. The
completed slurry seal shall leave a homogenous
mat, adhere firmly to the prepared surface,
and have a skid-resistant surface texture.
Prior to the slurry seal, existing RPMs shall
be removed. Work to be pe...
CIP 838 Mission Viejo CA 08/10/15
2:00 PM
$1 to $790,000