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Project Project Number City State Bid Due Date Estimated Cost
Project Name: Behavioral Health Office Building - Watsonville
Description: This project consists of a new office building, approximately 13,000 square feet, to be located within the existing developed area of the County Freedom Boulevard campus in Watsonville. The new building is designed to provide separate areas for adult and child services, and is located adjacent to a recently completed health clinic. OSHPD certific...
1032317-0087 Watsonville CA 04/20/17
2:00 PM
Project Name: Davenport Recycled Water Project
Description: This project will upgrade the Davenport County Sanitation Districtís wastewater treatment plant by dredging accumulated solids in the treatment lagoon, installing alarms for the filtration and disinfection processes, and adding redundancy for coagulant and hypochlorite dosing. The project also consists of the construction of a storage pond for trea...
Davenport CA 04/13/17
2:00 PM
$2,968,000 to $3,000,005
Project Name: Alta Via Road PM 0.392 Storm Damage Repair Project
Description: The project involves the construction of a 48 lineal foot by 10 foot high steel soldier pile timber lagging retaining wall with soil tieback anchor assemblies, fabricated steel walers, gabion end closures, wall underdrain system, storm downdrain, gabion mattress energy dissipater, metal beam guard railing with terminal end systems, asphalt concrete...
1031617-0069 Brookdale CA 04/06/17
2:00 PM
$252,725 to $252,725