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Project Project Number City State Bid Due Date Estimated Cost
Description: The Work under this contract includes the furnishing of labor, tools, new materials and current generation equipment to install a complete fire suppression system including plans and specifications (to be submitted to City of Escondido Fire Department for approval before installation begin) with permits and fees. The Contractor shall have 20 days f...
1093015-0041 Escondido CA 11/13/15
5:00 PM
Project Name: Southwest Sewer Realignment Project
Description: The work consists of constructing 8 and 12 sewer pipelines and manholes from Sewer Lift Station 9 southeast to Felicita Road and from Sewer Lift Station 6 south along Felicita Road to Via Rancho Parkway then continuing southeast to Lift Station 1 located southeast of Interstate 15 and Via Rancho Parkway.
1100515-0087 Escondido CA 10/29/15
2:00 PM
$6,100,000 to $6,100,000
Project Name: HARRF PHASE III Primary Treatment Building and Odor Control Modifications Project
Description: The work consists generally of construction including:
Move fiber optic control links to new operations building.
Modify Primary sedimentation tanks including sludge & scum collection
system and cover primary tanks with aluminum covers.
Remove primary odor control system and replace with new odor control
system. Maintain odor treatment t...
1091715-0090 Escondido CA 10/22/15
2:00 PM
$8,800,000 to $8,800,000