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Project Project Number City State Bid Due Date Estimated Cost
Project Name: Radar Driver Feedback Sign Installation
Description: Installation of Radar Driver Feedback Signs, 1B pole and signs.
1041715-0056 Santa Cruz CA 05/04/15
11:00 AM
Project Name: Fiscal Year 2014/2015 Soquel Avenue Water Main Replacement Project 2013-005
Description: The work to be completed under this
Contract consists of furnishing all
materials, labor, equipment, fuel, and
tools required to install approximately
145 linear feet of 14-inch pipe, 4,245
linear feet of 12-inch pipe, 110 linear
feet of 10-inch pipe, 70 linear feet of 8-
inch pipe, 405 linear feet of 6-inch pipe,
20 linear feet of 4...
CWO-2013-005 Santa Cruz CA 04/23/15
4:00 PM
Project Name: Cedar/Locust & Soquel/Front Garage Cable Repair
Description: The work consists in general of re-tensioning
existing half-inch diameter steel cables located
in the Cedar/Locust and Soquel/Front Garage
cable barriers. Some cables will be replaced
completely, and repairs needed to bring the
existing cable barriers to their original
1040915-0078 Santa Cruz CA 04/23/15
11:00 AM
Project Name: Water Street Bridge Debris Removal Project
Description: The work consists of removing concrete and construction debris and grading under the Water Street Bridge. Erosion control seeding is included in the project.
c409512 Santa Cruz CA 04/21/15
2:00 PM