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Project Project Number City State Bid Due Date Estimated Cost
Project Name: Job Order Contract (JOC) Public Utilities Facilities/ System Repair - 2014-2016
Description: This project includes but is not limited to, multiple disciplines such as civil, mechanical, electrical, and structural. Work that is typically completed under this contract includes installation or upgrade to City water and wastewater pipelines including pipeline rehabilitation,underground vaults, manholes, components, systems including electrical...
K-15-6235-JOC-3 San Diego CA 12/17/14
2:00 PM
Project Name: Group Job 13B Curb Ramps
Description: This project involves to install curb ramps, sidewalk,additional 6-inch curb, curb and gutter, alley aprons and driveways to meet current ADA standards at various locations along and adjacent to Denver Street.

Documents must be obtained at

Paper Bid(s) will be received at the Public ...
L-15-1242-DBB-1 San Diego CA 12/11/14
1:30 PM
Project Name: Sewer Pump Station 33 Wall Repairs
Description: This project involves Sewer Pump Station 33 Masonry Wall Repair.

The work includes but is not limited to:
1.1. Video tape and photograph existing conditions
1.2. Remove existing pump room masonry wall to the extent of the menís and womenís restrooms or as necessary to perform repairs.
1.3. Construct a concrete header at the top of wall above ...
L-15-6135-DBB-1 San Diego CA 12/09/14
1:30 PM
Project Name: Mobley St. (2764) Storm Drain Replacement
Description: This project involves to Replace in place 60-linear feet of the existing failed 18-inch corrugated metal storm drain pipe with an 18-inch reinforced concrete pipe in the same 10-foot wide City easement located at 2764 Mobley Street. This will also include replacing in place the existing storm drain cleanout, installing reinforced concrete cutoff wa...
L-15-1200-DBB-1 San Diego CA 12/03/14
1:30 PM
Project Name: Park Boulevard and San Diego High School Pedestrian Traffic Signal and Streetscape Improvements
Description: This project involves to improve an existing pedestrian crosswalk on Park Boulevard, north of Russ Boulevard in front of the San Diego High School campus on the east side of the street, and City College facilities on the west side of the street with a pedestrian traffic signal and associated improvements for greater pedestrian safety. An existing b...
K-15-6221-DBB-3 San Diego CA 12/02/14
2:00 PM