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Project Project Number City State Bid Due Date Estimated Cost
Project Name: Torrey Pines N. Golf Course - Improvements
Description: This project involves Improvements and renovations to update the North Course at Torrey Pines Golf Course (TPGC), which will improve overall conditions for the golfing public as well as for professional tournament play. Improvements will include rebuilding the course’s 19 (18 standard greens + a practice green) greens complexes to meet the U.S. Gol...
K-15-1382-DB1-3 San Diego CA 08/27/15
12:00 PM
$12,600,000 to $12,600,000
Project Name: Sewer and AC Water Group 785
Description: This project involves Construction of SWG 785 consists of the replacement of existing AC water mains with approximately 4,521 LF of 8 inch PVC water mains and water services and replacement of VC sewer mains with approximately 11,812 LF of 8 inch PVC sewer mains and sewer laterals and construction of a Pressure Reducing Station. The work will also ...
K-16-1333-DBB-3 San Diego CA 08/25/15
2:00 PM
$3,259,961 to $3,259,961
Project Name: Janitorial Maintenance Service at Various Wastewater/Water Facilities
Description: This project involves to provide complete janitorial maintenance services, as required and as specified for the following City facilities:
1. Metropolitan Operating Center (MOC) Campus (Schedule A)
2. Metropolitan Biosolids Center (MBC) (Schedule B, Sections 1.1 - 1.6)
3. North City Water Reclamation Plant (NCWRP) (Schedule B, Sections 2.1 - 2.5...
10056879-15-L San Diego CA 08/21/15
3:00 PM
$1 to $1
Project Name: Valencia Park Library (101 50th Street) Demolition
Description: This project involves demolition for the building at 101 50th Street, a site known as the former Valencia Park Library. The building is an approximately 4,000 squarefoot one-story commercial building structure built in 1960. The Successor Agency used Central Imperial bond funds for the public purpose to implement the Imperial Avenue Corridor Master...
K-16-6469-DBB-1 San Diego CA 08/06/15
2:00 PM
$156,900 to $156,900
Project Name: Beta Street Green Alley
Description: This project involves to construct approximately 700 feet of concrete alley from 38th Street to 39th Street, just north of Beta Street. Improvements will include curb and gutter, sidewalks, as well as bio-retention and infiltration trenches for water quality. The alley is designed with both solid and permeable PCC surfaces. The bio-retention swales...
L-16-6404-DBB-2 San Diego CA 08/04/15
2:00 PM
$329,000 to $329,000