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Project Project Number City State Bid Due Date Estimated Cost
Project Name: Torrey Pines N. Golf Course - Improvements
Description: This project involves Improvements and renovations to update the North Course at Torrey Pines Golf Course (TPGC), which will improve overall conditions for the golfing public as well as for professional tournament play. Improvements will include rebuilding the course’s 19 (18 standard greens + a practice green) greens complexes to meet the U.S. Gol...
K-15-1382-DB1-3 San Diego CA 08/27/15
12:00 PM
Project Name: N. Torrey Pines Access Ramp
Description: This project involves to Remove and replace the existing beach access ramp under North Torrey Pines Road; re-grade adjacent portions of the existing sidewalk; re-stack existing rip rap adjacent to sidewalk.

Documents must be obtained at

The Project Contact is Damian Singleton - 619-533-3482,
L-15-1359-DBB-2 San Diego CA 07/28/15
1:30 PM
Project Name: Pacific Hwy Curb Ramp Barrier Removal & Group Job 13 H Midway DIF CR DS
Description: This project involves to install curb ramps at various intersections along the Pacific Highway Frontage Road and at the intersection of Hancock Street and Noell Street.The project is to include removal of curb ramps, curb, gutter and sidewalk; installation of new curb ramps, curb, gutter, sidewalk, street pavement, and street lights; and relocation...
L-15-1244-DBB-2 San Diego CA 07/22/15
1:30 PM
Project Name: Lyceum Theatre - Public Spaces Renovation
Description: This project involves to demolish and re-construct some of the public area within the Lyceum Theatre, located at Horton Plaza. Improvements will include renovation to lobby, stairs, restrooms, concessions and other elements on both floors of the theater.Project elements include new flooring in both the lobby and theatre, ADA and structural improvem...
K-15-6426-DBB-3 San Diego CA 07/21/15
2:00 PM
Project Name: Sidewalk Replacement Group 1501
Description: This project involves Replacement of tree damaged sidewalks – Citywide.

Documents must be obtained at

The Project Contact is Eleida Felix Yackel - 619-533-3449,

The following voluntary subcontractor participation percentage for DBE, DVBE, WBE, MBE, SLBE, and ELBE certified Subcontractors shall...
L-15-1381-DBB-2 San Diego CA 07/21/15
1:30 PM
Project Name: Pipeline Rehab - Phase J-2 (Laterals)
Description: This project involves Pipeline Rehab - Phase J-2 (Laterals) for the City of San Diego, California.

The solicitation, including plans and specifications, may be obtained from the City's website at:

Bids shall be received at:
City of San Diego
1010 Second Avenue, Suite 1400, MS ...
K-15-1347-DBB-3 San Diego CA 07/16/15
2:00 PM
Project Name: Water Group 942
Description: This project involves construction of Water Group 942 consists of the replacement of existing CI and AC water main with approximately 8,885 linear feet of 16-inch PVC watermains and water services. This includes curb ramps and pavement resurfacing.

The solicitation, including plans and specifications, may be obtained from the City's website at: ...
K-15-1334-DBB-3 San Diego CA 07/15/15
2:00 PM
Project Name: Replace Barrier Rail on Barnett O/PCH
Description: This project involves replacing the existing K-rail and guardrail on both sides of the bridge on Barnett Avenue with new concrete barrier rail. The project also includes replacement of the existing crash cushion at the beginning of the off-ramp.

Documents must be obtained at

Paper Bid(s) will be received at the Public Work...
L-15-1241-DBB-2 San Diego CA 07/14/15
1:30 PM
Project Name: Brown Field (SDM) Airport Runway 8L/26R Rehab
Description: This project involves to rehabilitate Runway 8L/26R at Brown Field Airport. The work involves furnishing all labor, materials, equipment, services and construction of the project, which consists of a pavement rehabilitation in an effort to comply with current FAA standards and increase reliability and safety. The project elements include installati...
K-16-1227-DBB-3 San Diego CA 07/09/15
2:00 PM
Project Name: Streamview Drive Improvements (Lynn/Michael Street to Gayle Street)
Description: This project involves traffic calming devices such as traffic circles, wider sidewalks, curb ramps, median improvements, left-turn pockets, street lighting, bicycle facilities, additional accessible parking, signage and traffic striping to reduce speeding and cut-through vehicles on Streamview Drive.

The solicitation, including plans and specifi...
K-15-1226-DBB-3 San Diego CA 07/08/15
2:00 PM
Project Name: Tierrasanta Community Park Sports Field Lighting
Description: This project involves he construction of lighting systems for the multi-purpose sports fields at the Tierrasanta Community Park. ADA Improvements &upgrades to the existing comfort station, drinking fountain accessible travel of path from parking lot, to sports fields are required in order to comply with all ADA standards.

The solicitation, inclu...
K-16-1357-DBB-3 San Diego CA 07/07/15
2:00 PM
Project Name: Coolidge Street Storm Drain
Description: This project involves abandoning approximately 50 linear feet of existing 18 in CMP storm drain running underneath a private building (beginning at existing inlet located at 1976 Coolidge Street); rerouting storm drain by installing approximately 564 linear feet of new 18 in RCP storm drain, and connecting it to inlet located along Ulric Street. Th...
L-16-1228-DBB-1 San Diego CA 07/02/15
1:30 PM