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RFP/RFQ Name: RFB 14-07 Traffic Signal Controllers, Models 170E and 2070 ATC 5.2b
Description: This RFB is to furnish the City of Carlsbad with Model 170E and 2070 ATC 5.2b Controller Units in accordance with the RFB specifications and requirements for the City's future maintenance procurements. It is the intent of this Bid to become the City's specification and procurement engine for 170E and 2070 ATC 5.2b Controller Units.
RFB 14-07 Carlsbad CA 07/29/14
11:00 AM
Description: The City of Carlsbad is requesting proposals from qualified consultants to enter into an agreement for digital scanning services.
The city has an estimated 150,000 sheets of plans currently in storage. The agreement is intended to have the selected firm provide a digital version of these documents. The city is in the process of developing an elec...
N/A CARLSBAD CA 08/04/14
5:00 PM
RFP/RFQ Name: Business Process Model Standards (BPMS) Consulting Services
Description: City of Carlsbad’s Information Technology Department is soliciting sealed proposals from interested, independent firms or consultants for Business Process Model Standards (BPMS) consulting services. The goal of the Business Process Model Standards Project (BPMS) is to develop standardized processes and workflows for the financial and procurement ma...
N/A Carlsbad CA 08/15/14
2:00 PM
RFP/RFQ Name: Request for Expressions of Interest for Higher Education Institution, Research Facility or Consortium of Institutions
Description: Purpose of RFEI

The principal purpose of this Request for Expressions of Interest (RFEI) is to gauge the appeal of this opportunity to universities, to solicit from universities their vision for programs and facilities in Carlsbad, and to enable the City of Carlsbad to gather information about the following key issues:

-The range and scale of...
Carlsbad CA 09/05/14
5:00 PM