Sunset Futsal Court


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  Document Name File Name Document Type Size Date Submitted 
  SFC_Notice to Bidders 09.17.21 - signed.pdf SFC_Notice to Bidders 09.17.21 - signed.pdf Plans and Specifications / Other 250.9Kb 9/27/2021 

  SUNSET FUTSAL - FRONTEND SPEC r2.pdf SUNSET FUTSAL - FRONTEND SPEC r2.pdf Plans and Specifications / Other 2724.7Kb 9/27/2021 

  SUNSET FUTSAL - TECHNICAL SPECS.pdf SUNSET FUTSAL - TECHNICAL SPECS.pdf Plans and Specifications / Other 36486.4Kb 9/27/2021 

  SUNSET FUTSAL - DRAWINGS_BID SET r2.pdf SUNSET FUTSAL - DRAWINGS_BID SET r2.pdf Plans and Specifications / Other 46397.2Kb 9/27/2021 

  Sunset Futsal Court Addendum 1.pdf Sunset Futsal Court Addendum 1.pdf Addenda 289.6Kb 10/25/2021 

  Sunset Futsal Court Addendum 1 Attachment.pdf Sunset Futsal Court Addendum 1 Attachment.pdf Addenda 7077.4Kb 10/25/2021 

  Sunset futsal Court Addendum 2.pdf Sunset futsal Court Addendum 2.pdf Addenda 253.3Kb 10/27/2021 

  Bid Results 4-093.01SunsetFutsalCourtBidResultPosting.pdf Plans and Specifications / Other 153.7Kb 11/3/2021