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Project Project Number City State Bid Due Date Estimated Cost
Project Name: Mickey Cafagna Community Center
Description: Work under this Contract will comprise of the demolition of the existing Poway Community Center and Senior Center and construction of the new Mickey Cafagna Community Center building. Work to include demolition, site excavation and grading, construction of a new Community Center and various site improvements including concrete walkways, handrails a...
Bid #20-001 Poway CA BID CLOSED
4:00 PM
Project Name: City Facilities Painting 2019/2020
Description: This project consists of furnishing all paints, labor, tools, equipment, scaffolding and all other necessary equipment and supplies to perform a complete and thorough job of repainting the designated interior and exterior surfaces for approximately 17 City facilities.
Bid # 20-002 Poway CA BID CLOSED
2:00 PM
$100,000 to $100,000
Project Name: City Hall Hydronic Piping Replacement Project
Description: The scope of this project is to construct a new hydronic piping system that will replace an existing heating hot water loop from the City Hall central plant to the City Hall office building.
Bid #19-024 Poway CA BID CLOSED
4:00 PM
Project Name: Street Lighting, System Maintenance and Emergency Repairs
Description: The project consists of general maintenance for all existing street lighting equipment, including lamps and parking lot lamps, ballasts and PEC repairs and replacements. It includes visually inspecting and making necessary repairs to each pole and fixture, the connection between the service point and pole, pole and fixture and electrical connection...
Bid #19-023 Poway CA BID CLOSED
3:00 PM
Project Name: Treatment Plant, Chemical Building and Tank Farm Upgrades Project
Description: The scope of work for this project generally includes, but is not limited to, furnishing all products, labor, equipment, material, transportation, and incidental services to construct and place into operation the following:
1. New filter valves and actuators ranging in size from 10-inch to 24-inch during a limited period of time per Bid Schedule. ...
Bid #19-022 Poway CA BID CLOSED
4:00 PM
Project Name: Poway Center for the Performing Arts Smoke Hatch Winch Replacement Project
Description: This project will remove the existing smoke hatch winch system at the Poway Center for the Performing Arts located at 15498 Espola Road and replace it with a modern winch system that will be located at stage level. The contractor will remove the existing winch and cable components and install all new system components from the stage level to the r...
Bid #19-018 Poway CA BID CLOSED
4:00 PM
Project Name: Poway Road Turn Pocket Extension
Description: This project includes the demolition and reconstruction of an existing planted median on the Poway Road westbound approach to Pomerado Road. The work is to remove the existing concrete and planted median and construct a new, extended turn pocket for the westbound Poway Road to the southbound Pomerado Road turning movement. Work includes the modif...
Bid #19-019 Poway CA BID CLOSED
3:00 PM