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Project Project Number City State Bid Due Date Estimated Cost
Project Name: Traffic Signal Controller Upgrades
Description: The project involves the installation of traffic signal upgrades at three different locations. The work will include but is not limited to the following: various installation of video detection, detector loops, pull boxes, conduit, cabinets, and wiring, and all related and necessary work as defined in the contract documents.
Bid #21-011 Poway CA BID CLOSED
4:00 PM
Project Name: Exposed Sewer East of Martincoit
Description: This project involves the replacement of the existing exposed sewer main behind residences east of Martincoit Road and within an existing creek that runs between Martincoit Road and Jackrabbit Road. The entire alignment of the project is located exclusively behind residential properties and south of Painted Rock Elementary School. The existing 8-i...
Bid #21-012 Poway CA BID CLOSED
4:00 PM
Project Name: Bowron Road Sewer Upsize
Description: This project involves the replacement of an
existing sewer main on Bowron Road, and a
connecting sewer line within 13250 Civic
Center Drive. Approximately 1,385 LF of 18-
inch vitrified clay pipes (VCP) are to be
upsized to 21-inch polyvinylchloride (PVC)
pipe, and approximately 113 LF of 8-inch PVC
pipe are to be replaced. The proje...
Bid #21-015 Poway CA BID CLOSED
4:00 PM
Project Name: 2021-2022 Citywide Striping
Description: This contract includes replacement of traffic
striping, legends and markings and refreshing of
painted curbs within Street Maintenance Zone 4,
and refreshing of existing striping and painted
curbs in Zones 2, 6 and 8. The length of this
contract is for one (1) year, and the work shall
be coordinated with the City’s Street
Bid #21-013 Poway CA BID CLOSED
3:00 PM
Project Name: 2021-2022 Street Maintenance
Description: The 2021-2022 Street Maintenance is part of
the City’s Annual Pavement Management Program.
Streets are located within Street Maintenance
Zone 4, which encompass residential and
arterial streets east and west of and
including Community Road and Midland Road,
north and south of and including Twin Peaks
Road from Midland Road to the west...
Bid #21-014 Poway CA BID CLOSED
4:00 PM