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Project Project Number City State Bid Due Date Estimated Cost
Project Name: Canyon Heights Booster Station Upgrade Project, Job 21267
Description: The work to be done is located in the City of Fremont, California, and consists of installation of temporary portable pumps skid installation including installation of temporary conduits and conductors to transmit portable pumps statuses and additional field data remotely to District’s operations; replacement of electrical and control system equipm...
Job 21267 Fremont CA BID CLOSED
11:30 AM
$800,000 to $900,000
Project Name: Interim Vegetation Management At Vallecitos Channel, Job 21003
Description: The work consists of trimming and disposal of aquatic vegetation, specifically focused on cattails and tules, in an engineered channel. Water will not be delivered through the channel during trimming work.
21003 Unincorporated Alameda County CA BID CLOSED
11:30 AM
$66,680 to $66,680
Project Name: Old Jarvis Road Irrigation Well Destruction Project, Job 21246
Description: The work consists of the clean out and sealing of two abandoned irrigation wells located on the Don Edwards National Wildlife Refuge (Project Drawings – Figure 1).
21246 Newark CA BID CLOSED
11:30 AM
$140,000 to $150,000