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Project Project Number City State Bid Due Date Estimated Cost
Project Name: Lankershim Avenue at 9th Street Traffic Signal Improvements
Description: This project involves modifying the existing
traffic signal at the intersection of
Lankershim Avenue and 9th Street to provide
northbound and southbound protected-
permissive left turn (PPLT) phasing.
Improvements include the replacement of
existing traffic signal vehicle heads on
existing traffic signal standards,
installation of ne...
sig19001 Highland CA BID CLOSED
9:59 AM
$63,000 to $63,000
Project Name: Article III Transit Stop Access Improvements to Omnitrans Bus Routes #4 and #15 on Base Line, Boulder Avenue, 9th Street and Pedestrian Improvements on Olive Tree Lane and Article III Sidewalk Improvements on Messina Street at Seine Avenue
Description: The project includes the following:

Removal of curb, sidewalks, driveways, cross
gutters, spandrels, asphalt concrete
pavement, signage, mailboxes, water meters
and construction of PCC Bus stop landings,
sidewalks, driveways, ADA accessible curb
ramps, asphalt concrete pavement, mailboxes,
benches, trash bins, and signage.

Any qu...
swk19002 & swk21001 Highland CA BID CLOSED
9:59 AM
$134,000 to $134,000
Project Name: Pacific Street Pavement Rehabilitation Improvements from Victoria Ave to Church Ave
Description: This project involves the removal of
sidewalks, ramps, asphalt concrete pavement,
signage, and striping within the City of
Highland and the City of San Bernardino, in
the County of San Bernardino, California.

Any questions regarding the plans and
specifications should be directed in writing
Terry Renner, Project Manager
TKE En...
str20002a Highland CA BID CLOSED
9:59 AM
$1,313,000 to $1,313,000
Project Name: Emmerton Lane Trail Restoration and Improvement Project
Description: Contractor to construct concrete curbing of
various profiles to create water bars at the
approximate locations per plans. This shall
include re-grading trail, installing new mow
curbs, and curb and gutters as required. In
addition, general trail re-grading/compaction
and new DG placement will be included.
2022-09 Highland CA BID CLOSED
9:59 AM
$150,000 to $150,000
Project Name: Highland Community Park Perimeter Fence & Gates Project
Description: The Project includes, without limitation,
furnishing all necessary labor, materials,
equipment and other incidental and appurtenant
Work necessary to satisfactorily complete the
Project, as more specifically described in the
Contract Documents.

A mandatory pre-bid meeting will be held on
September 12, 2022 at 8:30 a.m. at 7935
2022-07 Highland CA BID CLOSED
9:59 AM
$325,000 to $325,000