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Project Project Number City State Bid Due Date Estimated Cost
Project Name: Felton Diversion Inflatable Dam Rubber Bladder Replacement Project
Description: The work to be completed under this
Contract consists of furnishing all
materials, labor, equipment, fuel and
tools required to remove an existing 75
long by 8 high inflatable rubber bladder
and to install its in-kind replacement, as
shown on the Plans and detailed in the
Specifications. The City will procure the
rubber bladder an...
2017-002 Felton, CA CA BID CLOSED
2:00 PM
Project Name: Replacement of U5 Inlet/Outlet Pipeline, Related Piping, and Sitework
Description: The work of this contract includes construction of a replacement Inlet/Outlet Pipeline and yard piping, including installation of a temporary bypass pipe; construction of an Overflow/Drain Structure and piping; and all appurtenant work.
1041318-0077 Santa Cruz CA BID CLOSED
4:00 PM
$500,000 to $600,000
Project Name: Wastewater Treatment Facility Secondary Clarifier #2 Coating Project
Description: Provide environmental control, surface
preparation, coating application and testing
of a complete new coating system on all steel
equipment and materials installed in the
Wastewater Treatment Facility Secondary
Clarifier #2.
m401303 Santa Cruz CA BID CLOSED
2:00 PM