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Project Project Number City State Bid Due Date Estimated Cost
Project Name: Shasta County Jail Door Replacement and Modification Project
Description: The project is located in the Shasta County Jail. In general, the work consists of supplying, installing and modifying new and existing security doors, locks, and other door accessories as described in EXHIBIT A to the Contract. The work shall be performed in three phases with each phase being performed during three consecutive County fiscal year...
610534 Redding CA 05/20/21
11:00 AM
Project Name: Painting the Exterior of the Adult Services Building at 2640 Breslauer Way, Redding
Description: The work in general is to prepare surfaces to be painted, protect adjoining surface, and paint the exterior of the Shasta County Adult Services Building at 2640 Breslauer Way. Contractor shall provide temporary ladders, scaffolding, lifts, and/or any other means of access necessary to complete the work and clean up when complete.
610538 Redding CA 05/27/21
11:00 AM
Project Name: Gas Point Road at No Name Ditch Box Culvert Replacement
Description: The work, in general, consists of constructing a new concrete double box culvert with Type A wingwalls at Gas Point Road and No Name Ditch. Other work includes widening approximately 370 feet of approach roadway with a two way turn.
703923 Cottonwood CA 05/13/21
11:00 AM
Project Name: Deschutes Road (2H01B) Widening - Phase 2
Description: The work consists, in general, of widening a portion of Deschutes Road (County Road No. 2H01B) beginning at the intersection with Beatie Road (County Road No. 2J090) and extending northerly 3.2 miles along Deschutes Road to the intersection with Brundage Road (County Road No. 3J015). The widening of the existing roadway will involve constructing a ...
702981 Palo Cedro CA 05/13/21
11:00 AM
Project Name: 2021 SB-1 Pavement Rehabilitation
Description: The "Work", in general, consists of placing hot mix asphalt overlay, hot mix asphalt leveling course, cold planing, replacing existing asphalt concrete surfacing, shoulder restoration and placing traffic striping and pavement markings on various Shasta County highways as provided for in the Contract Documents.
702012 Redding CA 06/03/21
11:00 AM