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Project Project Number City State Bid Due Date Estimated Cost
Project Name: Lower 1 Recycled Conveyance System
Description: The work includes construction of 39,540 linear feet of recycled water pipeline and appurtenances within the City of Oceanside, originating at the San Luis Rey Water Reclamation Facility. Pipeline diameters range between 10 to 18-inches. The work includes multiple horizontal directional drill crossings of the San Luis Rey River adjacent to Douglas ...
908142215715 Oceanside CA 02/27/20
2:00 PM
$19,125,600 to $19,125,600
Project Name: San Luis Rey Water Reclamation Facility Digester No. 3 Cleaning and Valve Replacements
Description: The Work consists of cleaning Digester No. 3 at the City of Oceanside San Luis Rey Water Reclamation Facility, including:
a. Cleaning, removal, and legal disposal of the remaining contents of Digester No. 3.
b. Temporary odor control
c. Replacement of existing valves and sections of pipe and fittings inside the Control Building for Digester No. ...
909123100722 Oceanside CA 03/05/20
2:00 PM
$358,000 to $358,000
Project Name: Roja Lift Station Improvement Project
Description: The Work consists of construction of civil, mechanical, structural, electrical, controls, and instrumentation improvements at the City of Oceanside’s Roja Lift Station.

Roja Lift Station was originally constructed in 1975. The existing lift station wet well that currently houses submersible pumps and piping is constructed of unlined concrete (p...
909953000722B Oceanside CA 03/26/20
1:00 PM
$295,000 to $300,000
Project Name: Point Repair Program - Package No. 3
Description: Removal of a portion of existing sewer pipe and installing new PVC spool including transition couplings as shown on the Figures and specified in the Contract Documents.
909153318722 Oceanside CA 02/18/20
4:00 PM
$160,000 to $160,000