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Project Project Number City State Bid Due Date Estimated Cost
Project Name: Rancho Del Oro Drive and San Ramon Drive Traffic Signal
Description: **Nov. 26, 2019, Please see Addendum No. 3, Revised Bid Schedule, Revised Section 8, Revised page 2 on plans.*
**Nov. 25, 2019, Please see Addendum No. 2, Bid Due Date Change.*

**Nov. 14, 2019, Please see Addendum No. 1*

Scope of Work: The proposed improvements
at the intersection consist of installing
a traffic signal, street lighting, ...
CIP19-00006 Oceanside CA BID CLOSED
1:00 PM
$225,400 to $225,400
Project Name: Oceanside ADA Pedestrian Path, Oceanside Harbor Drive
Description: Scope of Work: The proposed improvements
at the two crosswalks consist of traffic
striping and pavement marking;
installation of warning signs which
include rectangular rapid flashing beacons
(RRFB) and blank-out signs; street
lighting; curb ramps to make the two
crosswalk locations ADA compliant; and
establishing stop controls on S...
CIP19-00005 Oceanside CA BID CLOSED
3:00 PM
$133,000 to $133,000
Project Name: Pure Water Oceanside - Advanced Water Purification Facility (AWPF)
Description: A new AWPF designed to produce 4.5 MGD of fully advanced treated recycled water (referred to as Phase 1), with provisions to expand an ultimate minimum production capacity of 6.0 MGD (referred to as Ultimate or Phase 2). Key components will include: nitrification-denitrification (NDN) facilities at Plant 2, Plant 2 blower improvements, and AWPF pr...
908130200715 Oceanside CA BID CLOSED
4:00 PM
$48,000,000 to $48,000,000
Project Name: Oceanside Boulevard Sewer Lift Station Relocation Project (909122900722)
Description: The project consists of constructing a new sewer lift station including all civil, structural, architectural, masonry, excavation and shoring, dewatering, masonry, retaining walls, piping, mechanical, odor control, electrical/telemetry, instrumentation, SCADA, landscaping, and all other appurtenant work as may be necessary to construct a complete a...
909122900722 Oceanside CA BID CLOSED
2:00 PM
$7,500,000 to $8,000,000