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Project Project Number City State Bid Due Date Estimated Cost
Project Name: WP20-08(I) Matilija Creek Giant Reed Retreatment
Description: Herbicide application, and vegetation removal and disposal.

3/27/20 Addendum No 1- Pre-bid conference changes, new proposal and exhibit revisions. **Bids to be mailed in**
41652 Ojai CA 04/15/20
2:00 PM
$80,000 to $80,000
Project Name: RD20-06 Casitas Vista Road Bridge Replacement #327 & Culvert Replacement at MP 0.30
Description: Replacement of reinforced concrete box structure
(Bridge #327) on Casitas Vista Road @ MP 0.35 &
upsizing culvert pipe @ MP 0.30. This work includes
public access & notice, traffic control & construction
signing, water pollution control, removal of existing
structures, structure excavation & backfill, bracing &
shoring, 10' x 9' reinfor...
RD20-06 Proj#50592 Casitas Springs near Ventura CA 04/14/20
2:00 PM
$680,000 to $680,000
Project Name: CP20-02 VCMC Ronald McDonald Family Rooms
Description: Remodel of two rooms including finishes, lighting, mechanical systems, plumbing relocation, and remodel of the fire sprinkler system and fire alarm. Project Additive Bid Alternate includes re-roof of the existing roof. The total project area is approximately 2,419 square feet.

3/27/20- Addendum No. 1- Replace proposal, no pre-bid meeting.
P6T19001 Ventura CA 04/09/20
2:00 PM
$1,030,001 to $1,030,001