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Project Project Number City State Bid Due Date Estimated Cost
Project Name: RD20-02 Catalina Drive Bridge Replacement BR #384
Description: construction of removal & replacement of Catalina
Drive Bridge BR #384 including public access &
notice, mobilization, traffic control & Construction
signing, water pollution control, removal & disposal of
existing structures, regrading slope & flowline,
construction of double 24" RCP culvert, 2-sack
cement slurry, L-shaped headwalls, ...
RD20-02 Proj#50583 Oak View CA 02/04/20
2:00 PM
$175,000 to $175,000
Project Name: RD20-01 Casitas Vista Road Bike Lanes
Description: AC pavement widening of Casitas Vista Road from
Ventura Avenue to Santa Ana Road to accommodate
Type II bike lanes including public access & notice,
traffic control & construction signing, water pollution
control, 12" CMP extension, single pipe straight
headwalls, roadway preparation, AC fill of centerline
grooves, miscellaneous AC pavi...
RD20-01 Proj#50526 Casitas Springs near Ventura CA 01/30/20
2:00 PM
$445,000 to $445,000