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Project Project Number City State Bid Due Date Estimated Cost
Project Name: Notice Inviting Interested Contractors for Kern County Public Works Bidders List
Description: In accordance with the State of California
Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting
Commission, the Department is inviting all
interested contractors to submit their
company information for inclusion on the
Departmentís list of registered contractors.
1082421-0054 Bakersfield CA 11/30/21
4:00 PM
Project Name: Kern Sanitation Authority Digester System Expansion
Description: Constructing new anaerobic digester, heat exchanger facility and digester gas scrubber, and installing piping systems.
20091/9144-KSA-17/18 Bakersfield CA 11/10/21
11:00 AM
Project Name: Roadway Paving on Lytle Avenue from West Cecil Way to County Line Road
Description: Paving hot mix asphalt, placing hot mix
asphalt dikes, and painting traffic stripes and
pavement marking.
21116/3000-RC00161 Delano CA 11/10/21
11:00 AM
Project Name: Mojave Transit Center Building
Description: Constructing Mojave Transit Center building, installing plumbing, electrical, HVAC, irrigation, and landscaping.
22001 / 8998-00037 Mojave CA 11/10/21
11:00 AM
Project Name: Traffic Signal on Manor Street at Day Avenue
Description: Constructing curb ramps, curb and gutter, and sidewalk, cold planing asphalt concrete pavement, paving hot mix asphalt, applying slurry seal, installing traffic signal and lighting, and painting traffic stripes and pavement markings.
21097 / 3000-RC00152 Oildale CA 11/10/21
11:00 AM
Project Name: Ford City-Taft Heights Sanitation District Sewer Segment Replacement
Description: Replacing existing sewer main with 8-inch PVC
SDR-35 pipe, tie-in into existing manholes,
constructing manhole pad, and painting traffic
pavement markings
21134/9146-M00001 Taft CA 10/27/21
11:00 AM