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Project Project Number City State Bid Due Date Estimated Cost
Project Name: Asbestos Removal and Demolition of a Single-Family Residence and On-Site Improvements located at 7433 Central Avenue, Highland
Description: Demolition of a single-family residence,
approximately 1,100 square feet, constructed
in 1945. All on-site improvements, accessory
structures, and landscaping shall be
demolished and removed. Prior to demolition,
asbestos containing materials must be
properly removed and disposed in accordance
with state and local laws. The existing f...
Bid No. 2020-11 Highland CA 07/18/22
10:59 AM
$49,402 to $49,402
Project Name: City of Highland HVAC Systems Maintenance, Monitoring and Repair
Description: The Project includes, without limitation,
furnishing all necessary labor, materials,
equipment, and other incidental and
appurtenant Work necessary to satisfactorily
complete the Project, as more specifically
described in the Contract Documents.

Any questions should be referred to:
Jim Richardson, Public Works Manager
27215 Base Li...
2022-06 Highland CA 07/14/22
9:59 AM
$75,000 to $75,000