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Project Project Number City State Bid Due Date Estimated Cost
Project Name: Olinda Road Cycle 5 Widening
Description: Excavation, removing asphalt, placing aggregate base material, placing new asphalt and widening existing roadway, grinding existing striping and pavement markers, extending and replacing culverts, new thermoplastic striping and pavement markers, and removing and resetting existing signs and mailboxes.
702977 Anderson CA 05/16/19
11:00 AM
Project Name: Fall River Mills Airport 089, Airfield and Airport Way Pavement Rehabilitation Project
Description: The project, in general, consists of cleaning, surface preparation, crack seal, asphalt slurry seal and surface marking of runway 2-20 and taxiway connectors. Additionally, pavement rehabilitation on Airport Way will include cold milling pavement conforms, 1.5-inch asphalt concrete leveling course, 2-inch asphalt concrete overlay and Class 3 aggreg...
610514 Fall River Mills CA 05/02/19
11:00 AM
Project Name: 2019 SB-1 Pavement Rehabilitation
Description: The work consists, in general, of a 0.15' AC overlay, shoulder backing, cold planing, adjusting frames and covers to grade, removal and installation of retroreflective pavement markers, and installation of thermoplastic striping and markings on Canyon Rd, Cassel Fall River Rd, Lake Blvd, and Lakeshore Dr.
706801 Redding CA 05/02/19
11:00 AM
Project Name: 2019 Redding Regional Septage Impoundment 1A Cleanout
Description: The work, in general, consists of drying, loading, hauling, and disposing of approximately 1500 tons of septage sludge contained within Impoundmemt 1A.
270527 Anderson CA 04/25/19
11:00 AM
Project Name: Guardrail Repair (On-System Roadways)
Description: Repair guardrail damaged by the Carr Fire at 8 location in Shasta County.
704010-ON SYS Redding CA 04/25/19
11:00 AM