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Project Project Number City State Bid Due Date Estimated Cost
Project Name: Point Repair Program - Package No. 3
Description: Removal of a portion of existing sewer pipe and installing new PVC spool including transition couplings as shown on the Figures and specified in the Contract Documents.
909153318722 Oceanside CA 02/18/20
4:00 PM
$160,000 to $160,000
Project Name: San Luis Rey Wastewater Treatment Plant Aeration Basin Effluent Piping Replacement 909125500722
Description: The work to be performed under this contract shall consist of furnishing all tools, equipment, materials, supplies, and manufactures articles and furnishing all labor, transportation and services, including fuel, power, water, by pass pumping required for the removal and replacement of six (6) 24-inch aeration basin effluent piping, including the i...
909125500722 Oceanside CA 01/27/20
2:00 PM
$985,000 to $985,000
Project Name: Beachfront Improvements
Description: **Jan. 21, 2020, Please see Addendum No. 6.
**Jan. 17, 2020, Please see Questions and Answers.
**Jan. 17, 2020, Please see Addendum No. 5.
**Jan. 16, 2020, Please see Addendum No. 4 and EXHIBIT 14
Jan. 8, 2020, Please see Addendum No. 3, bid date change.
***Jan. 3, 2020, Please see addendum No. 2

**Dec. 24, 2019, Please see addendum No. 1. ...
CIP13-00011 Oceanside CA 01/23/20
2:00 PM