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Project Project Number City State Bid Due Date Estimated Cost
Project Name: Hayward Community Garden Phase I Improvements
Description: Hayward Community Garden Phase I Improvements

Improvements of approximate 2 acres area of a community garden that includes but not limited to clearing and grubbing, site grading, storm drainage system, irrigation system, paving, fences and gates, trellises, planting soil preparation, miscellaneous site furnishing and prefabricated garden structu...
2-034D Hayward Area Recreation and Park District CA 11/30/18
2:00 PM
$0 to $800,000
Project Name: Mia's Dream Playground
Description: Mia's Dream Playground

The Project involves demolition of existing site improvements, including restroom building, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, playground, and select trees; protection of existing trees inside project area; construction of approximately 1-acre playground, consisting of premanufactured and site-built features, protective surfacing,...
2-097A Hayward Area Recreation and Park District CA 11/28/18
3:00 PM
$0 to $4,200,000
Project Name: Kennedy Park Renovation
Description: Kennedy Park Renovation

The Project involves the renovation of a 15.45-acre park that includes, but not limited to, renovated picnic areas, picnic shelters, new central play areas, new teacup amusement ride, new 2,612 SF concession building including public restrooms, renovated train station, improved pathways with seating, and informal lawn are...
2-057D Hayward Area Recreation and Park District CA 11/20/18
3:00 PM
$0 to $19,500,000