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Project Project Number City State Bid Due Date Estimated Cost
Project Name: Fire Station Number 3, 8 and 15 Renovations
Description: Projects provide renovations to existing facilities that include roof replacement, dorm room reconstruction, new & expanded kitchens, day/training rooms, ready rooms, watch rooms, ADA restroom / bathroom & all associated modifications such as mechanical, electrical, plumbing, HVAC & ADA access.
K-18-1557-DBB-3 San Diego CA 12/14/17
2:00 PM
$1,980,300 to $1,980,300
Project Name: Plumbing maintenance and Repair Services
Description: a. The work to be done under these Specifications shall include the furnishing of all
supervision, labor, materials, and equipment necessary for the provision of plumbing
services specified herein. Work shall be performed in a professional manner under
the direction, and to the satisfaction, ofthe Commission's Contract Administrator or
PM-18-09 San Diego CA 12/07/17
2:00 PM
Project Name: Mid City Phase 2A
Description: SCOPE OF WORK: Mid-City Pipeline Phase 2A will install approximately 820 linear feet of new 66” diameter CML&TC steel transmission main. Within this 820 linear feet is approximately 62’ of tunneling under a San Diego County Water Authority aqueduct. The tunneling consists of a minimum 82” diameter steel casing. Two 4 inch diameter fiber optic condu...
K-18-1545-DBB-3 San Diego CA 12/06/17
2:00 PM
$4,000,000 to $4,000,000
Project Name: Water Group 939
Description: SCOPE OF WORK: The project would include approximately 7,045 linear feet (1.33 miles) of water mains to include replacement-in-place of approximately 3,036 linear feet (0.57 miles) of existing 4-inch and 12-inch with 8- and 16-inch water mains and approximately 3,729 linear feet (0.71 miles) of new 8-inch and approximately 279 linear feet (0.05 mil...
K-18-1528-DBB-3 San Diego CA 12/05/17
2:00 PM
$3,200,000 to $3,200,000
Project Name: Two As-Needed Municipal Storm Water Program Professional Services Contract
Description: The City has a need for professional storm water engineering and consulting services on an as-needed basis to support its efforts in managing a municipal storm water conveyance system and complying with multiple storm water regulations. A number of these regulations are still in development, review, and the regulations are typically are regularly r...
H186978 & H186979 San Diego CA 11/30/17
4:00 PM
Project Name: Airports Job Order Contract
Description: This Notice Inviting Bids is for a Job Order Contract, a competitively bid, fixed priced, indefinite quantity contract. The scope of work includes a collection of detailed repair and construction tasks and specifications that have pre-established unit prices listed in a Unit Price Book (UPB). The UPB pricing incorporates the use of experienced labo...
L-18-1683-JOC-2 San Diego CA 11/30/17
1:30 PM
$500,000 to $500,000
Project Name: Metropolitan Biosolids Center (MBC) Digester Cleaning
Description: Contractor shall provide all labor and materials to clean, de-water, and haul away residual material from digester 3. Contractor shall pressure wash the entire inside of the tank with clean water. Treated residuals shall be 40% solids or dryer as determined by the City.
10087210-18-K San Diego CA 11/29/17
3:00 PM
Project Name: Anti-Scalant Product Pre-Selection for North City Pure Water Facility
Description: Up to (3) three prequalified Respondents will be issued a Right of Entry Permit Agreement (Appendix B) and will be invited to participate in the City’s pre-qualification Pilot Testing effort. For Pilot Testing, three new Pilot Recovery RO Skids (“Skids”) will be provided and installed by the City with ability to use combined RO concentrate from the...
10089301-18-K San Diego CA 11/28/17
2:00 PM
Project Name: Rehabilitation of Anthracite Media Beds
Description: The Public Utilities Department, Wastewater Treatment and Disposal Division, has two (2) water reclamation facilities, South Bay Water Reclamation Plant (SBWRP) and North City Water Reclamation Plant (NCWRP).
SBWRP and NCWRP have been in operation for many years. Over the years, the anthracite coal (media) layer of the te1iiary filters has been p...
10088277-18-V San Diego CA 11/27/17
3:00 PM