RFI Software Solution for Conducting Fire Inspections


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  Document Name File Name Document Type Size Date Submitted 
  PlanetBids Proposal Upload Instructions.pdf PlanetBids Proposal Upload Instructions.pdf Plans and Specifications / Other 92.9Kb 6/7/2021 

  10089774-21-P sofware solution for conduction .pdf 10089774-21-P sofware solution for conduction .pdf Plans and Specifications / Other 161.7Kb 6/7/2021 

  20210701104016851 Addendum A.pdf 20210701104016851 Addendum A.pdf Addenda 129.8Kb 7/2/2021 

  20210817154158927 Addendum B.pdf 20210817154158927 Addendum B.pdf Addenda 150.1Kb 8/19/2021 

  20210819115640857 Addendum c.pdf 20210819115640857 Addendum c.pdf Addenda 278.9Kb 8/19/2021