RFP for Consultant Services for City of Larkspur’s Schematic Design of the Community Facility Parcel


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  Document Name File Name Document Type Size Date Submitted 
  Notice of RFP.pdf Notice of RFP.pdf Document 275.6Kb 10/8/2019 
  Description:  Notice of RFP

  RFP for LLCC Oct 2019.pdf RFP for LLCC Oct 2019.pdf Document 1205.1Kb 10/8/2019 
  Description:  Request for Proposals

  LLCC Addendum -1 - 2019-10-29.pdf LLCC Addendum -1 - 2019-10-29.pdf Addenda 440.5Kb 10/29/2019 

  LLCC Addendum -2 - 11-15-19.pdf LLCC Addendum -2 - 11-15-19.pdf Addenda 4502.2Kb 11/18/2019 
  Description:  LLCC Addendum #2 - 11-15-19