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RFP/RFQ Name: Hodges Watershed Improvement Project
Description: The City of San Diego, Public Utilities Department, Engineering and Program Management Division is seeking a Contractor to work with the City on an Integrated Regional Water Management Program grant-funded project to develop and implement habitat and water quality improvement projects that improve ecosystem services.
10089747-22-J San Diego CA 10/22/21
2:00 PM
RFP/RFQ Name: HDP Security Assessment Consultant Services
Description: Housing Development Partners seeks a consultant to conduct security assessments on several of its properties that will include:
•The examination of potential risks and threats from a staff’s, guest’s, contractor’s, resident’s, and client’s perspective.
•The assessment of office areas, residential apartment areas and common spaces and amenities us...
HDP-21-02-02 San Diego CA 10/25/21
2:00 PM
RFP/RFQ Name: Collaborative Developer Services - Round 3
Description: The San Diego Housing Commission (hereinafter referred to as the “Commission”) is accepting Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) from experienced Developers (hereinafter referred to as “Developers” or “Respondents”) to provide project development and/or operations services in partnership with the Commission, on an “On Call/As Needed” basis.
RED-22-03 San Diego CA 10/27/21
5:00 PM
RFP/RFQ Name: NOFA for Affordable Housing
Description: The San Diego Housing Commission (SDHC) announces the availability of Fiscal Year 2022 funding and federal rental housing vouchers for affordable housing through this Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA).
This NOFA includes approximately $16 million in total funds for all capital requests as referenced below in Table 1. Capital Funds may be compo...
NOFA-22-02 San Diego CA 10/29/21
10:00 AM
RFP/RFQ Name: Request for Sponsorship for City Wayfinding Partner
Description: For this opportunity, the City is issuing this Request for Sponsorship to identify a company that is interested in developing a marketing partnership in the city wayfinding category.

The City is interested in partnering to identify city wayfinding solutions that would benefit residents, visitors, and local businesses in downtown San Diego. Quali...
RFS for City San Diego CA 10/29/21
5:00 PM
RFP/RFQ Name: Classification & Compensation Consulting Services
Description: The Commission anticipates that the study will involve three (3) broad phases of work. The project shall include, but is not limited to the following:
1) Review the background materials including organizational charts, budgets, existing job classifications, personnel rules and regulations, administrative policies, FY 2022 ...
HR-22-01 San Diego CA 11/04/21
2:00 PM
RFP/RFQ Name: As-Needed Civil Engineering Services Contracts - Dams
Description: Under the general supervision of the City Mayor or his designated representatives, Design Professional shall provide as-needed professional civil engineering services specific to dams by Task Orders on an hourly basis. Dam Engineering Services shall include, but are not limited to the following: Risk analyses and assessments, Condition assessments,...
H2225952, H2225953 & San Diego CA 11/04/21
4:00 PM
RFP/RFQ Name: Vendor Management and Payment Processing Software
Description: The City of San Diego is the eighth largest City in the United States with over 10,000 employees and approximately 10,000 vendors/suppliers, either businesses or individuals, that it renders payment to. Most of these payments are for goods and services provided to the City. Creation and maintenance of vendor data, such as contact information, busin...
10089769-22-J San Diego CA 11/05/21
3:00 PM
RFP/RFQ Name: As Needed Outside Legal Counsel Services for the Commission on Police Practices (CPP) Rebid
Description: The City of San Diego (City) is seeking qualified outside counsel to provide as-needed legal services to the City’s Commission on Police Practices (CPP or Commission), which provides civilian oversight of the City’s Police Department.
10089842-22-V (r) San Diego CA 11/15/21
2:00 PM
RFP/RFQ Name: As-Needed Aerial Surveying, Photography, Mapping and Digitizing Services
Description: The Consultant shall become familiar with City of San Diego’s Engineering and Capital Projects Surveying Section processes, procedures, and its objectives to provide services and support as directed by City staff. The Consultant shall work under the direction of City and develop and maintain open lines of communications and cooperation between City...
H2225957 & H2225958 San Diego CA 11/18/21
4:00 PM