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RFP/RFQ Name: Aircraft Maintenance and Administrative Support
Description: The City of San Diego Police Department’s Air Support Unit (SDPD) operates a fleet of three Airbus AS350B3 helicopters and one Airbus H125 single engine gas turbine helicopter utilized for law enforcement applications, in order to maximize officer and public safety. The Air Support Unit flies an average of 3200 hours per year.
The City is soliciti...
10089811-21-P San Diego CA 08/02/21
2:00 PM
RFP/RFQ Name: EMTS NTC Laboratory Remodel and NTC Lab Solar Implementation
Description: The City of San Diego’s Public Utilities Department (PUD) Environmental Monitoring and Technical Services (EMTS) Division monitors the quality of San Diego’s drinking water, wastewater, recycled water, Pure Water, storm water, and surrounding ocean environments to determine regulatory compliance. The Naval Training Center Harbor laboratory (NTC), i...
H2125840 San Diego CA 08/03/21
4:00 PM
RFP/RFQ Name: Security Guard Services for Brown Field and Montgomery Field Airports
Description: Provide Security Guard Services for Brown Field and Montgomery Field Airports
10089514-21-F San Diego CA 08/10/21
2:00 PM
RFP/RFQ Name: On-Call Plumbing Services
Description: The purpose of this RFP is to solicit proposals responses from licensed and qualified vendors for on-call plumbing services for the Commission on a scheduled basis. The Commission intends to award a contract to qualified contractors that have a history of successfully performing on-call security services.
PM-22-05 San Diego CA 08/10/21
2:00 PM
RFP/RFQ Name: Transitional Storage Centers
Description: The San Diego Housing Commission (“Commission”) is seeking Contractor(s) interested in operating Transitional Storage Centers within the City of San Diego (“City”). Contractor(s) may choose to respond to operate either one or both storage sites or submit a proposal to operate additional sites and storage programs. Respondents may select more than o...
HHI-22-23 San Diego CA 08/12/21
2:00 PM
RFP/RFQ Name: RFI Software Solution for Conducting Fire Inspections
Description: To develop a better understanding of the service provider marketplace relating to a production ready software solution for conducting fire inspections, complaint inspections, issuance of permits, invoicing and creation of reports.
10089774-21-P San Diego CA 08/20/21
2:00 PM
RFP/RFQ Name: Design of Rancho Bernardo Industrial Pump Station Replacement
Description: Install a new RBI PS, install a new 20-inch steel discharge line and a new 36-inch steel suction line to the new pump station, construct an exterior concrete driveway and pad in front of pump station above discharge header in consideration of heavy equipment operation, install a standby generator and electrical switchgear for emergency operation, i...
H2125936 San Diego CA 08/26/21
4:00 PM
RFP/RFQ Name: NOFA for Preservation
Description: The San Diego Housing Commission (SDHC) announces the availability of Fiscal Year 2022 funding for the preservation of multifamily affordable rental housing through this Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA).
NOFA-22-01 San Diego CA 06/27/22
12:00 PM
RFP/RFQ Name: Bond and Outside Disclosure Counsel
Description: Bond and Outside Disclosure Counsel

The City of San Diego (City), through the Office of the City Attorney (City Attorney), seeks to update its established pool of pre-qualified law firms (Counsel Pool or Pool) to provide bond and disclosure counsel, general disclosure counsel, and other related as needed legal services.
10089554-19-R City of San Diego CA 05/02/24
2:00 PM
RFP/RFQ Name: "Continuous" Special Financing District Consultant and/or Financial and Economic Consultant
Description: This RFSQ is issued for purposes of determining qualifications and the interest of potential bidders or proposers, hereinafter referred to as “Respondents”. The objective of this RFSQ is to create a pool (“Pool”) of firms (“Qualified Firms”) from which the City can identify, as needed, Special Financing District(s) Consultant and/or Financial and E...
10089743-21-W San Diego CA 02/28/26
2:00 PM