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RFP/RFQ RFP/RFQ Number City State Proposal Due Date
RFP/RFQ Name: Rancho Bernardo Recreational Area
Description: The City of San Diego (City) is requesting proposals from qualified non-profit organizations or individuals (hereinafter referred to as “Proposer(s)”) to renovate, operate, maintain, and lease for recreational uses that involve court sports, a portion of the City-owned real property commonly known as the Rancho Bernardo Community Park, located at 1...
18402A San Diego CA 09/30/22
4:00 PM
RFP/RFQ Name: As-Needed Landfill Engineering and Environmental Consulting Contract
Description: The City of San Diego Environmental Services Department (ESD) is seeking to award an as-needed engineering consultant services agreement. The majority of Task Assignments anticipated (95% or more) will focus on compliance support, planning, evaluation, design, and Engineer of Record services associated with facilities owned or operated by ESD inclu...
H2226092 San Diego CA 10/03/22
4:00 PM
RFP/RFQ Name: Miramar Place CNG Facility Upgrades
Description: The City of San Diego Environmental Services Department (ESD) is seeking to award a Design- Build contract via an RFP process for an expansion to the existing Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Time-Fill Fueling Facility located at ESD’s Collection Division Operations Yard, 8353 Miramar Place, San Diego, CA 92121.
The existing CNG Fueling Facility consi...
K-23-2073-DB1-3 San Diego CA 10/06/22
2:00 PM
RFP/RFQ Name: As-Needed Plan Check and Inspection Services
Description: The As-Needed Contract shall provide permit review check and/or permit inspection services during heavy workloads on an as-needed basis to supplement City of San Diego Development Services Department (DSD) personnel to maintain permit processing timeline goals. Work will be assigned to the Consultant via Task Order as determined by DSD personnel on...
H2326128 & H2326129 San Diego CA 10/06/22
4:00 PM
RFP/RFQ Name: Organic Waste Management Evaluation
Description: *** This is a notification pertaining to Organic Waste Management Evalution (10089735-22-J), with a bid due date of October 07, 2022 2:00 PM (Pacific).

The submittal due date has been extended to October 7, 2022

An important part of the City of San Diego’s (City) mission is to increase the diversion of organic materials away from landfills ...
10089735-22-J San Diego CA 10/07/22
2:00 PM
RFP/RFQ Name: Transportation Department As-Needed Engineering Support
Description: Support the City of San Diego’s Transportation Department with various engineering (design & non-design), as well as operations and maintenance programs and projects.
H2226053 San Diego CA 10/14/22
4:00 PM
RFP/RFQ Name: Police HQ Elevator Modernization
Description: Scope of Work:
NOTE: Design-Builder to include all required safety and fire protection scope for all elevators.

2.1 POLICE HQ ELEVATOR MODERNIZATION: The Modernization involves removing and replacing elevator components, including but not limited to:

2.1.1 Installation of a new Elevonic control system that is a digital closed-loop microproce...
K-23-2124-DB1-3 San Diego CA 10/18/22
2:00 PM
RFP/RFQ Name: Water Distribution Hydraulic Software and Related Water Modeling Support Services
Description: At the direction of and in consultation with the City, the Contractor shall configure, implement and provide the City with Software that will enable the City and its stakeholders to perform various functions related to the analysis of the City’s water distribution system. As part of the required services, the Contractor shall configure, implement, ...
10089908-23-M San Diego CA 10/19/22
2:00 PM
RFP/RFQ Name: As-Needed Storm Water Professional Engineering Services
Description: The City has a need for professional stormwater engineering and consulting services on an as-needed basis to support its efforts in managing a municipal stormwater conveyance system and complying with multiple stormwater regulations.
H2225979 & H2225980 San Diego CA 10/19/22
4:00 PM
RFP/RFQ Name: Design of Storm Water Pump Station D Component Upgrade
Description: The current scope of work for this project is to upgrade and increase service capacity at Pump Station D by installing the following improvements: Upgrade all 10 pumps; two (2) – 80hp motors and pumps to replace two (2) existing 60hp pumps, which will upgrade service capacity to the pump station; upgrade pump starters to accommodate new pumps; upgr...
H2226043 San Diego CA 10/19/22
4:00 PM