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RFP/RFQ Name: Boat Yardwork, Maintenance & Repair REBID
Description: The City of San Diego (City) Public Utilities Department’s Environmental Monitoring and Technical Services Division (Division) conducts the Ocean Monitoring program mandated by the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit for the purpose of studying the effect of the City’s regional treatment processes on the marine environmen...
10089865-22-J San Diego CA 06/06/22
2:00 PM
RFP/RFQ Name: Water Meters
Description: The City of San Diego (City) Public Utilities Department (PUD) is seeking a vendor to provide Water Meters for Fire Service, Compound, Domestic, and Turbine connections.
10089854-22-W San Diego CA 06/08/22
2:00 PM
RFP/RFQ Name: Design of Paradise Mesa Standpipe Rehabilitation
Description: The Project proposes to rehabilitate the Paradise Mesa Standpipe, including retrofitting the standpipe structurally to bring it up to current seismic code, recoating the interior and exterior surfaces, installing new intake piping within the standpipe, installing new storm drain pipe to improve drainage of the site, and repaving the area around the...
H2226022 San Diego CA 06/09/22
4:00 PM
RFP/RFQ Name: Broadband Initiative Partners
Description: The Commission is seeking proposals from qualified public, private, or non-profit community-based organizations, internet service provider (ISPs) or broadband/communications infrastructure providers, or a combination of these, to implement and administer broadband/communications network infrastructure, expand the provision of high-quality broadband...
HHI-22-61 San Diego CA 06/16/22
11:00 AM
RFP/RFQ Name: Complete Landscape Maintenance Service for Stonecrest Village Maintenance Assessment District (MAD)
Description: Complete Landscape Maintenance Service for Stonecrest Village Maintenance Assessment District (MAD)
10089787-22-L San Diego CA 06/16/22
2:00 PM
RFP/RFQ Name: Consultant Services to Develop a Security Strategy
Description: The selected contractor will develop a plan to update the 2017-2019 San Diego Urban Area (SDUA) Homeland Security Strategy, hereafter referred to as the “Strategy”. While the current Strategy may be used as a starting point and baseline guide for the update of this Strategy, this revised Strategy will more effectively and efficiently utilize the re...
10089843-22-B San Diego CA 06/17/22
2:00 PM
RFP/RFQ Name: Furnish the City of San Diego with a Fire Inspection Software System
Description: The City is seeking proposals from qualified firms to provide a production ready software solution for conducting fire inspections (including Hazardous Material, Brush & Weed Abatement, etc, complaint inspections.), issuance of permits, invoicing, and creation of reports.
10089889-22-W San Diego CA 06/24/22
2:00 PM
RFP/RFQ Name: NOFA for Preservation
Description: The San Diego Housing Commission (SDHC) announces the availability of Fiscal Year 2022 funding for the preservation of multifamily affordable rental housing through this Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA).
NOFA-22-01 San Diego CA 06/27/22
12:00 PM
RFP/RFQ Name: Energy Cost Recovery and Reduction Services
Description: The City of San Diego (City) is requesting proposals from qualified Firms interested in entering into a five-year contract for the provision of Energy Cost Recovery and Reduction Services. These Services shall be composed of a comprehensive historical audit and analysis of the City’s energy utility rates, taxes, surcharges, account fees, and other ...
10089878-22-E San Diego CA 06/30/22
2:00 PM
RFP/RFQ Name: As-Needed Energy Consulting Services
Description: Under the general supervision of the City Mayor or his designated representatives, Design Professional shall provide as-needed professional Energy services by Task Orders on an hourly basis. The Contract has a term of not to exceed five calendar years from the award and shall not exceed three million dollars. Professional Energy Services include, b...
H2226086 San Diego CA 06/30/22
4:00 PM